We can measure performance many ways, but let's focus on one thing first:

Completed projects

I'm all about making stuff, and I kinda live for that moment when I can step back, look upon the creation, and feel good about the job well done. So I focus on that, and part of my focus typically falls on designing a process that will help to ensure that the project is in fact completed, and in a timely fashion. In a team context, I enjoy taking the bit and pulling hard toward the goal along with my teammates, supporting them as much as I can. This also means that I can be uncomfortable in a situation where goals are vague or shifting, and it feels like we aren't all pulling in the same direction.

As much as I enjoy the design process, I can also enjoy production, especially when it involves cranking up a well-designed production process. This may explain some of my motivation for designing efficient processes (again, see Process). It's about designing good tools and then using good tools. There's an inherent satisfaction to both sides of that, and good tools and their use are a great help in producing good end products. Good completed products.