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Levi's catalog sample page
Create an new format for a wholesale-level catalog to replace the previous full-color that had one or two products per page with something much more compact and monochrome. The data needed to be imported into InDesign from Excel spreadsheets.

I developed this layout in consultation with two colleagues, designing for maximum space efficiency, flexibility, and data-import friendliness. We were able to meet all the client's goals quickly and effectively and kept the account secure in a difficult time.


This sample page is one of many I was involved with for Levi Strauss. I was mostly responsible for this layout design and typography. I designed and developed the workflows used to convert Excel spreadsheet data in many formats into InDesign layouts such as this. Most of the other Levi's projects I was involved with were less austere than this example, but straightforward production needs are often important, too. All formatting is done with semi-automated styles and masters.