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Camp Myrtlewood website
This church-owned group camp serves a wide variety of community and private groups, both secular and faith-oriented. They needed a site that would work well for visitors who might have very modest computer equipment and connections, to help people find the camp and learn more about how they might make use of the facilities and the beautiful setting.
I did all the design, development, and provide ongoing updates for this site, including all the related maps and PDF documents. I sought to reflect the camp experience in the palette and imagery used. Camp users have found the site to be very helpful and easy to use. In the spring of '09 I rebuilt the site from the ground up using the Drupal open-source CMS platform, driven by PHP and MySQL. I developed the site's appearance starting from the bare-bones Zen theme. The site is fully interactive with camper accounts, member-uploaded photo galleries, forums, polls, and assorted other dynamic functionality.

Link to the live site:

Additional note: the current site is no longer the site I built. It's now a Wordpress site mainly maintained by others.