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Silkscreened illustration

Create a memorable T-shirt produced via silk-screen printing in a small run of only a few dozen. The piece was to commemorate a group trip taken to the Black Sea to view a total solar eclipse, taking a cruise offered for that purpose on the ship Stella Solaris.


For this, the front of the T-shirt, I wanted to capture and convey the very moment of viewing the eclipse; what the trip was all about (aside from the camaraderie, of course). I developed the diamond ring images that appear to be reflected in the pupils from a photo taken of that eclipse. I reduced the photo to something that could be printed using only black and white inks. The group members, some of whom had been on numerous eclipse trips and encountered many other eclipse fans, were very happy with the T-shirts and said they'd never come across anything like this design among many such T-shirts they'd seen.

The concept and design is 100% my own. I used Corel Draw to develop the graphic.